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Representative Example: Borrow £500 for 6 months. Interest: £160.27 – Interest rate: 65% per annum (fixed). Representative APR: 91% – Total amount payable: £660.27. Rates between 9.3% APR and maximum 1294% APR – your no-obligation quote and APR will be based on your personal circumstances.

Payday UK is a registered trading name Payday Loans Ltd who is an introducer appointed representative of Flux Funding Limited, who are a full authorised credit broker, not a lender. PaydayUK provides access to a loan matching service. This site will submit the information you provide to Flux Funding’s panel of lenders. All applications will be subject to credit checks and affordability assessments. If you accept a lender’s loan offer, they will perform a hard credit search. PaydayUK and Flux Funding will not perform a credit check, lenders will complete a soft search when assessing your eligibility for a loan.

Loans between £50 and £5000 over a 3-month to 36-month term.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help moneyhelper.org.uk.

Unsecured Loan

Whether you have a good credit score or have experienced problems in the past, our brokers unsecured loan lenders are here to help..

Unsecured loans are just like any other type of loan. They let you borrow a selected amount of money over a predefined period. Payments are usually calculated in advance using a fixed rate of interest. The repayments are typically made monthly and stay the same for the duration of the loan.

They are referred to as unsecured loans because they don’t require any security or guarantees, as is the case with most smaller loans. A lender will typically use your credit rating to gauge how much of a risk you are

The lower the risk, the better the interest rates usually are. This is one of the reasons people with bad credit will typically be charged a higher APR.

Any money borrowed from a lender without a guarantor or some form of collateral is an unsecured loan. This type of loan can be for varying amounts and paid back over any period, whether a large amount paid back over several years or just a short-term loan from a direct lender

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Check Your Offer

Once you have your offer from the lender, you can review the offer and get your cash


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  • Instant quote with a soft credit check and no fees.
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  • No obligation quotes processed for free

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Multiple debts can get hard to balance and seem to drag out forever. Some people like to use a single loan as a way to clear several debts and reduce their monthly outgoings. It can also create a definite end date where your debt is paid off, whereas a credit card can seem to go on indefinitely as it can be too easy to use it when you need to.

If you consolidate debts, it’s essential to close the accounts you have paid off, such as cancelling credit cards etc. The benefits of a smaller payment and a definite end date will be undone if you have the loan then run up credit cards again, as you’ll end up back where you started but with an additional loan too. Closing your credit accounts will also show them as settled on your credit report, which should help to improve your score.

It’s essential to check the interest rates and terms of the debts you’re consolidating to ensure you’re not paying more by spreading them over a more extended period.

Payday UK do not charge a fee for the use of our services. You should never pay an upfront fee for a loan.

While we specialise in helping those with bad credit to access loans, whether a guarantor is required or not will be down to the criteria of an individual lender. Some lenders never ask for a guarantor, while others always require a guarantor even if your credit score is good.

There are a wide variety of direct lenders on our brokers panel, and many of them offer unsecured loans, even to people with poor credit.

To apply for a loan via Payday UK, you must be 18 years of age and a UK resident. You must have a valid UK bank account and a source of income. There will be other criteria specific to each direct lender. Some will offer loans to those with bad credit, while others will only lend to people with a better credit score.

Our broker matches you to the best direct lender for your circumstances, ensuring you get the best rate and deal available to you.

We provide access to unsecured loans from £50 to £5000. The length of the repayment period varies from 3 to 36 months, depending on the amount you’re borrowing and your circumstances. However, we try to provide as much flexibility as possible. If you accept a loan offer, the money will be paid to you within minutes. The whole application process can be completed online, providing you with the maximum amount of convenience. Because you can access us online, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yes, but it won’t affect your credit score. Lenders perform a soft credit check when you apply. This allows them to judge your suitability for the loan you are applying for. If you accept a loan offer, the direct lender is required by law to perform a full credit check. Although this will show up on your credit report, you will already know you meet all the lender’s criteria.

If you make the repayments on time, then it will only have a positive impact on your credit rating. All personal loan lenders are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and anyone who says they can lend you money without a credit check could either be misleading you or not a reputable or legitimate lender.

Our brokers panel specialises in providing secured and unsecured loans to people with bad credit, so don’t be put off by the fact you’ve been turned down elsewhere, there’s an excellent chance we can still help.

Historically, getting any loan with bad credit was very difficult. However, there are now lots of lenders in the UK that specialise in lending to people with bad credit. The increased options for people with poor credit mean they have more options at their disposal. Payday UK works closely with our panel of direct lenders to ensure they look beyond a person’s credit history and instead consider their current circumstances and ability to repay a loan.

Even applicants that have missed multiple payments, been declared bankrupt, or have a CCJ will be considered. Our brokers direct lenders that specialise in bad credit loans will provide an instant decision for those with bad credit, whether unsecured loans or guarantor loans.

The type of loan most suitable for you will be dependent on your circumstances. The application process for a loan is the same, whether secured or not. Our broker instantly assess your application and match you to the best lender for your circumstances. This may be an unsecured loan, but some direct lenders may ask for a guarantor.

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